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How did the CEO of Williams Homes build his business?

When Lance K. Williams was a child, he knew he wanted to build houses in the future.

Growing up in Southern California, Williams was surrounded by construction projects. The idea of being part of that world excited him. By 1997, he had become a real estate developer. That year, he partnered with housing legend Ray Watt, turning his childhood dream into reality by providing high-quality housing to families and homebuyers.


Building homes with purpose and passion

Today, Williams is the President and CEO of Williams Homes. His homebuilding company builds and provides high-quality homes to residents throughout Southern and the Central Coast in California, and all the way to Idaho and Montana. Although land is difficult to find in these areas, Williams is a creative master and embraces adaptive reuse of real estate, finding land parcels that are often overlooked in terrific locations.

Williams focuses his energy on developing meaningful, trusting relationships with homebuyers. His practice in extraordinary customer service has earned Williams Homes a reputation for commitment, integrity, and success.

When looking for a bank that understands his company’s strong work ethics and collective expertise, Williams found Cathay Bank. More than 10 years later, Williams is glad he chose one of the best commercial banking providers to help his company achieve their mission.

Working with Cathay Bank has allowed Williams to focus on bringing to life beautiful and affordable residences. Williams says Cathay Bank understands the entrepreneurial spirit that drives his team at Williams Homes. “Even with all this great opportunity and demand, we couldn’t do what we do without Cathay,” he says.


Offering personalized service for its clients

Williams wants to help clients build communities and own exceptional homes. Whether the homes are valued in the millions or less than $200,000, he treats every customer with respect and dignity.

Although every project is special to Williams, he is especially proud of one that allowed him to build four- to five-bedroom houses for under $500,000 a piece. Such homes attracted working-class, first-time homebuyers, and enabled them to start planting roots, living the American Dream that in turn allowed Williams to continue growing his business.

Williams Homes has also made an effort to better serve the residential preferences of Asian Americans, especially as he recognized the needs for the type of housing from this demographic. For instance, many Asian American families have a desire for multigenerational household arrangements that offer privacy. In those situations, Williams creates homes where everyone feels comfortable.

“By considering an Asian family with three generations living together, the homes are designed with rooms toward the back of the house with a bathroom on the first floor, providing convenience for older family members,” says Williams.


Building a legacy of affordable homes

Williams Homes has experienced tremendous growth for more than a decade, and Williams expects to continue to improve on the living standards of his employees and families for as long as possible. “Companies are really about people,” Williams says, “so I built Williams Homes to create opportunities for my family and people who work here. My goals for Williams Homes are really the same for Cathay: longevity, prosperity, and many, many years of good fortune.”

Work with a full-service financial institution that is committed to understanding your business and the communities you serve. Contact us today to explore our relationship-driven services. 



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