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Build a family that grows with your business

Diane “Di” Krehbiel-Delson is the owner and operator of DKKD Staffing, a staffing agency that builds IT and help-desk teams and staffs human resources, recruiting, accounting, and administration roles across multiple industries throughout the United States.

She founded the California-based firm in 2011 — after she and her teammates had been in the staffing business for more than a decade. When Di decided to establish her own business, choosing a bank that felt like it was part of the “family” was of the utmost importance.

“Cathay Bank has been there for DKKD Staffing since day one,” says Di. “I needed to find a bank, and Cathay Bank was referred to me as a bank that understood small businesses.”


Part of the family

When choosing a bank, Di heard about Cathay Bank’s favorable reputation for working with small businesses. Being in the staffing business, DKKD needs to have the cash flow to pay contractors; occasionally, a client will not pay on time, which dries up the cash flow. With the help of Cathay Bank, it allowed DKKD to cover payments. This kind of support is essential to keeping a small business afloat.

Di knows that if she needs to cover payroll, she can walk into Cathay Bank and get help transferring money or use online services that make transfers simple.

DKKD Staffing has grown every year and is now a million-dollar business. She also believes that Cathay Bank will be there to provide the kind of banking support she needs.

“When you walk into the bank, you feel like you’re part of the family,” says Di. “I walk in, and everybody seems to know my name. They help me with whatever financial issues I have or paperwork I need to fill out. There’s always somebody who is willing to help.”


More than a bank, Cathay builds relationships

In building a network of long-term relationships, DKKD Staffing understands that reputation is crucial. Di makes sure DKKD has a reputation of being open, honest, and flexible with its clients by maintaining a high level of personal services. And she believes when looking for a bank for the business, that bank should prioritize those same characteristics.

“I would absolutely recommend Cathay Bank to any small businesses starting out,” says Di. “Anytime I go to networking events, I’m always referring Cathay Bank. I say, ‘Make that your first stop.’”

Whether you are looking for business savings and checking accounts, needing a business loan or line of credit, or you are seeking ways to improve cash flow, Cathay Bank understands how important the availability of banking tools and a strong network is to small business success. See all the services Cathay Bank has to offer.


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