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Online banking checklist

Online banking checklist

Protect and memorize your passwords. Never write your passwords down or share them with anyone. Change passwords regularly and use combinations of letters, numbers and "special characters" such as the #, @, ), ? signs. Do not use your Social Security Number or birthday as a username or password. Never use your username as a password.

Keep your computer operating system up to date. If your computer is older than five years, its operating system may not offer the same level of protection as newer systems. System manufacturers provide frequent updates to help make your system more secure. Regularly check for updates from your system manufacturer.

Use a current web browser. Cathay Bank continually upgrades our online services to provide you with the most secure online services. We do not allow access to Cathay Online Banking or Cathay Business Online Banking using browsers that do not meet our security criteria. If you have problems accessing our online banking services, you may need to upgrade your browser.

Install a personal firewall. Firewalls provide additional protection for your home computer. Many operating systems come with firewall protection. Before purchasing a firewall, check your operating system.

Antivirus and Antispyware Software. Virus and Spyware protection software helps reduce the risk of contracting computer malwares (viruses and spyware) that can compromise your computer and personal security while online.

Use secure websites for transactions and shopping. Make sure the web page you are viewing offers encryption of your data. If you see a lock symbol in the lower right-hand corner of your browser window, or if the web address of the page you are viewing begins with https://, this indicates that web page is secure and uses encryption. Cathay Bank provides 128-bit encryption, the highest level available today.

Do not open e-mail or download programs from unknown sources. Sometimes hidden programs or viruses are contained in e-mail or on downloaded programs which can compromise your computer. Use caution when downloading from an unfamiliar site.

Terminate the Internet when not in use. Take an additional precaution by terminating your Internet session when not in use. This will help to avoid unwanted access to your computer and its data.

Cathay Bank

Email communication is not secure

Please do not include sensitive information such as account numbers or other personal information such as Social Security or Tax Identification numbers, driver’s license numbers, etc. in any email sent to us via this link.