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Wishing for a faster, easier and cheaper way to accept electronic payments? Then Autobooks is for you.

With Autobooks, it's a breeze to...

A screenshot of text message between an Autobooks user and its business client, who replies the Autobooks user how easy it is to pay him online by credit card.
Let customers pay online, from their phone or computer 


A screenshot of an Autobooks user tracking payment records by different business clients via its app.
Always know exactly who's paid and who's due


A screenshot of an electrical invoice generated and sent out by Autobooks to its user’s business clients.
Create & send invoices electronically — no waiting on snail mail 


You'll love...

  • Sharing your link everywhere you communicate with customers: on invoices, via text message, email, your website, and more.
  • Streamlining the process of accepting credit cards: no lockup period with a third-party processor.
  • Paying very competitive transaction fees on the market.1

Your customers will love...

  • Getting to pay in the most convenient ways: by credit card or straight from their checking account.
  • Paying from wherever they are, at whatever time of day is most convenient — whether that's two feet away from you at noon, or 200 miles away from you at midnight.
  • Not having to search for their checkbook.


It takes less than five minutes to sign into your account and start using Autobooks.2

1. Sign into your account and click the Autobooks tab. 

A screenshot of the Autobooks interface, showing how to sign into an account and click the Autobooks tab.


2. Accept the Terms & Conditions and answer a few questions to set up your account. This allows people to start paying you electronically!

A screenshot of the Autobooks interface, showing the “Welcome to Autobooks” page.


3. Your Payment Form link and invoicing tools will be ready and waiting for you inside your account.

A screenshot of the Autobooks interface, showing the online banking page.



  1. Additional Autobooks features are available at a monthly fee of $9.99 (waived for the first month of service). Transaction processing fees charged by Autobooks. Other fees may also apply; see Autobooks Terms & Conditions.
  2. To use the Autobooks service, enrollment in Cathay Bank’s Business Online Banking is required.




Using Autobooks to manage your business finances through Cathay Bank is as easy as two steps! 

Access it inside your online and mobile banking now and try it for yourself.

Step 1

Visit to log into your business online banking.

Step 2

On the right side of the business online banking dashboard, Autobooks is right under Online Payments.

A web sample of Cathay Bank’s online banking system with a red arrow and red square focusing on Online Payments and Autobooks service.


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