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Payroll Services

Paper less. People More.

Reshape your payroll and HR with a modern solution.

Where you focus your energy makes a difference. Give employees your undivided attention, and they’ll give you their all.  With Deluxe Payroll, dedicated payroll experts will provide you and your business with consistent personalized support to optimize your HR.

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Our Deluxe team backing yours

A dedicated customer service team will help your business with your payroll and HR needs

Anytime, anywhere access

Get 24-hour access to secure online payroll and HR dashboards and reporting

Hassle-free HR management

Protect your business and effectively manage your HR tasks with HR tools and resources

Direct deposit

Pay your employees more conveniently and directly

Zero down workers’ comp

Boost cash flow and streamline the audit process with PremiumLink™

Digital hiring and onboarding

Automate the paperwork process, so that you can spend time welcoming new employees rather than handling paperwork 



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